Time and time again we hear of these mass shootings. Mostly from a country with ridiculous gun laws. And always from people who want some kind notoriety from their crime. Posting their shit on social media etc. And time and time again we see the media pecking at it like starved vultures. They create more fame for the perpetrators than they do for the victims. We all seem to be more aware of the names of the killers than those who are killed. That would be rather enticing for a mentally ill future mass killer, don’t you think? The thought of their name and face all over the world medias. Household names if but for a short time. To a point where they are all trying to do worse than the last mass killer.
I see it. Often. On my news feed; Post after post about the state of the perpetrator’s mind. The ‘Monster’. Inadvertently feeding ,feeding, feeding the drive of a future ‘monsters’ motivations.
I wonder if we were to stop. If there was a global media blanket put over these acts. No coverage of it. Most certainly no coverage what so ever of the people committing these crimes. If the world stopped paying attention to these nobodies who are trying to be somebodies;Could we drastically reduce these happenings?
I won’t be giving these things ANY attention anymore. My heart will still hurt. I will still despair at the fact that some people’sĀ internal suffering leads them to commit these acts. But I will ignore the articles. Change the channel. NEVER even breathe the name of the people doing this. Being that the media feeds us what we consume….maybe…. if we are a little more selective about our media consumption, we could actually save some lives?