Over the week I have had many people putting their hands on my shoulder…looking at me with deep concern and asking how I’m doing without my precious Facebook. I return their concerned look and say “I’m doing fine. How are YOU doing without me?”

This week not much has really changed for me except I watch more TV when the kids are in bed and I’ve talked on the phone till my battery is flat and then ……………TV.

I have not sat at the table with boys and eaten my breakfast with them. I realised I don’t do that because when they are eating their breakfasts I am putting sandwiches, boiled eggs, fresh fruit,carrot sticks, home baking, salami and cheese into their lunch boxes. That is how they know I love them in the mornings. I sit down to my coffee, muesli and computer when they are finishing up and getting dressed for their day. And I reiterate…Facebook or no facebook….that breakfast table would drive anyone to an early grave…..( not always mine either)
I have not really thought about it. Only occasionally….and mostly only when other people bring it up.
There has been one thing that keeps coming up tho and I must clear it up. I HAVE NOT BEEN ON FACEBOOK. Tho…….being that Skype and Facebook are interlinked…when I am online with Skype…it seems, it shows up that I am online on FB. And my phone is linked too. And I will keep it that way because your profile pictures of all your ugly little mugs come up when you message me. And I like it  that way.

I am confident I will have other things to blog about from here on in.Quite frankly if I don’t……I really am a sad sad little person( I use the term ‘Little’ loosely, you understand) Life is full of goodness these days with Magnolia trees blooming, spring lambs leaping and a whole new world of crappy evening television to bond with. So await for my next blog titled….” I LOVE ‘NEW ZEALAND HAS X FACTOR VOICE IDOL HIGHWAY PATROL CSI’, . IT”S THE BEST PROGRAMME EVA!!!!”



3 thoughts on “MARK ZUCKERWHO?!

  1. GAWD! I’ve just discoverd my hotmail account is linked in to messagin too. As wonderful as it is to be able to msg you all and stay in touch…..this really all does make me look dodgy. Sigh.

  2. Ah just wrote a big spiel but i lost it, was about you coming up in conversation at a lunch today when I met my mums cuzzy from takistan, mum said you’d blogged and I was gutted I’d missed it!. Facecrack is lame without you. I’m finding these 100 days harder than you!

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