” Mama….why don’t you sit with  us at breakfast time? Why do you sit at the other table and play on Facebook?”
A question Tahi asked today that really got me thinking. Why DO I do this?   I always thought it was a way of easing myself into the day.  A way of breaking onto my day in a quiet fashion.I know it is an avoidance of the boys. A way to wake up without being bombarded with Sugar Spoons and talks of farts and poos.  Seriously….our breakfast table makes feeding time at the zoo look like high tea with the Queen. I do it every night for dinner..and that’s enough for me.
I am often asked if I have seen this show or that show. Usually my answer is no. I don’t really watch TV. I have never been much of a TV watcher. Most programmes are shit these days. So I spend my evenings chatting on the Facebook and cruising around on You Tube spending endless hours watching Joshua Homme drunkenly abuse the world. Personally I don’t think there is any issue with that. I’d rather do that than watch TV. However my boys question really got me thinking. Am I missing out by not having breakfast with them at the table?  What was life like before FB? Would I be a different kind of Mother  without it?  Or is FB what I have always suspected it to be for me. A substitute for terrible television. Am I more in touch with my friends  or less in touch with them? Do I really care what people had for dinner last night? Or that their child is 17 mths 2 days and 3 minutes old.( I actually already know the answer to the last 2  questions)

I am going to do an experiment. I am going to attempt  to do 100 days without logging on to Facebook. I will attempt to sit at the breakfast table with my boys for each of the mornings that they are with me. I will attempt to not let TV replace the time I would normally spend on FB. I will observe how in or out of touch I feel with my friends and family. To be open to hearing  about how in or out of touch they feel with me. Will I eat more/less? Will I use my phone more/less? Will I read to my children more or find they are driving me even crazier and  finally book a one way ticket for one to Jamaica? I really have no idea what to expect.. It is simply an experiment. A way to try to answer a very simple question asked  by my eldest son.
So as of August 31st until December 9th…I wil be Facebook free…..and probably blogging my tits off.



6 thoughts on “100 DAYS WITHOUT FACEBOOK

  1. So proud of you for what you are about to try and wish you all the best.
    Todays kids have so much more to face them than when mine were young..so take the time..enjoy all the farts, poo’s and sugar spoons.
    See you in 100 days with the biggest blog.

    • I’ll probably just go into cross addiction and start blogging like a mad woman. Will only be leaving FB. Not the internet. I’ll probably come back onto Fb with a new twitter,reddit and pinterest account and still not sitting at the breakfast table.

  2. Naturally my main concern was not being able to get your blogs via facebook! As you know I took a 4 month holiday from facebook myself a while ago…. it was freeing. I talked about facebook like a reformed smoker talks about smoking. What kept me going was people nagging me to come back on. It was then I knew I wasn’t missing anything…. when the nagging stopped my curiosity got the better of me. Had everyone forgotten about me? The answer was yes but after the first barrage of comments on my “IIIIIII’M BAAAACK” post it was business as usual from then on like I’d never left. It’s a weird experiment to do I think. It’s almost like removing yourself from society, but then look at what those people get done with their time! I will miss your daily song choices and hilarious updates, but like many I’ll be waiting for my next blog from toots like a junky waits for his methadone at the local pharmacy. Impatiently twitching shuffling from foot to foot in anticipation x

  3. I will do it with you Ms T-bone! I love your blog, keep that up. Perhaps we girls will finally get that walk we have talked about for a year! I have been spending 15 hours a week painting for my course, and I find I don’t have the time. I would welcome a break. Not that I think it will be easy… Deal!?

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