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Dear the Editor.


This was recently brought to my attention. I have had 2 suicides in my family.
Might I suggest some ideas for some more photo shoots.

1. Women being raped…dressed fashionably
2. Children being abused…. by fashionable people
3. Drug addicts overdosing….dressed fashionably
4. Mass murderers on a shooting spree….looking fashionable
5.People in mental institutions………..dressed fashionably
6. Women having abortions…..dressed fashionably
7. Serial killers hacking their victims….Dressed fashionably
8. Suicide bombers……looking fashionable
9. Men having sex with corpses…who look fashionable
10. Soldiers torturing  malnourished POW’s….dressed fashionably

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my ideas.




5 thoughts on “ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE……….

  1. Argh! I know it’s Vice magazine and their stuff is often a bit off the wall but trying to glamourize suicide. Whoever brought that shoot idea to the table needs between their ears checked and a good ol’ firing! Yuck.

  2. They’re not saying much about their readers mental stability tho are they? Who looks at a picture of a chick with a gun in her mouth and thinks… “Now that top is hot”.. Or a picture of a woman who has jumped to her death from a high rise and thinks…”That skirt is stunning it would go so well with my new heels”
    I find it even scarier they would suggest to younger readers that lets face it want to be seen as being fashionable in anyway possible that fashion and suicide can somehow go together. Dangerous and distasteful.

    • totally. I am particularly fond of the Sanmao hanging herself. Adverstising a necklace…only….I cna’t really see the necklace. Tho clearly the tights they are advertising a sturdy. Top notch stuff

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